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Want to explore SE Asia but don’t know where to go?

Or when to go?

Want to have control on what you will see?

Whistle-stop tours are not for you?

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  • Now you can choose a different approach. I work with you to create your own trip of a lifetime.
  • What's more, you will be benefiting from the knowledge and experience of someone who has lived in Asia as an expat for more than 20 years.
  • This is a niche company which provides a truly personal service and attention to detail. 
  • During your trip I will be supported by expert guides, and together we will ensure that it will always be memorable for the right reasons. 

Welcome, I'm Hem Patel, CEO  & Owner of Bespoke Getaways

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Although I was born and educated in the UK, Asia has been a great influence on my life. My parents arrived in England from India during the 1950s. I have always wanted to travel and see the world from a very early age. I first went to India in 1970 and I think this began my love affair with Asia. I am happy to say that I have more than fulfilled the dream and more! What makes travelling for me so exciting and rewarding is experiencing new things, exploring different places, meeting interesting people, and discovering the diverse culture and the exotic food. I also love photography and I always have a camera or maybe 2 on hand, as you will see from all the photographs on this website.

My varied career has literally taken me around the world, successfully working for a number of world class retailers. During the last 20 years with my family by my side, I have been living and working in SE Asia. Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam have all been home at some stage or other. In these senior leadership roles, my focus was always on the local domestic markets, and the teams I worked with were all local. It was therefore critical that I adapted my approach to take account of the local culture, and clearly understood the needs of the local customers. I have had the privilege of visiting the rest of the region on business and holiday. As a result I have acquired a detailed knowledge and understanding of the SE Asian countries and the people, all of which are individual and unique.

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There are some key attributes which I believe have helped me to succeed in Asia, and adjust to life in all these different countries. Having a positive can do attitude, passion and enthusiasm, curiosity and going with the flow, the ability to smile even when things go wrong, as they inevitably do! 

I have toured extensively around the world in different guises, as a sole traveler, with my family and friends, and arranging accompanied tours for groups. My knowledge and experience has provided me with a unique opportunity. My plan is to split my time between Asia and the UK, Bespoke Getaways is a niche company which offers a highly personalised service to its clients. I can help others to appreciate the beauty, charm, and warmth of this particular part of the world, in a way others can't. I hope that you will come to love this region, which has become my second home as much as I have, and you will want to return again and again!





What's happening......

Bespoke Getaways @ Bandook Kitchen
March 2024 Bath


How we take care of you

for your safety and peace of mind ........

  • since Covid has become a part of our lives we need to take even more care of ourselves whilst we are away

  • there is great healthcare available in Asia, however it is essential that all travellers take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy before they arrive

  • the hotel partners, airlines and ground transport are all screened and vetted to ensure they follow the strictest guidelines to protect our clients

  • you can book with confidence and trust that Bespoke Getaways will take good care of you

  • you can check the following websites for the latest travel guidelines

Planning a trip/Contact Us

If you would like more information about our accompanied tours and how we can help plan your trip, please get in touch to arrange a discussion.

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