Planning a trip?

It can be overwhelming planning a trip to a region as far and diverse as SE Asia. There are so many options. How to begin, so many options, where to go, where to stay, when to go.

Having lived and worked in the region with my family for many years, I can help. I have created four suggested itineraries, so that you can have some sort of starting point. The important point is to tailor them to reflect your own preferences and interest.  These are the 4 itineraries:

I have offered suggestions for other places to consider, these may be alternative locations within the country, eg Sapa in Vietnam, or other SE Asian destinations such as Myanmar or Bali. We may need to adjust the itinerary depending on when you choose to travel. In summary

  • please use the suggested itineraries as a starting point

  • consider the other destinations I have referred to 

  • complete the short questionnaire below, as this will help me to better understand what your trip of a lifetime will look like


What's included in the tour price

  • The trip cost will start from your arrival in Asia, probably Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh depending on your itinerary.

  • The length of the trip does not include your journey from and back to the UK. 

  • The indicative price is based on 2 people sharing a room.

  • Accommodation will be in boutique or 5 star hotels, depending on location, and breakfast is included.

  • There may be a charge for certain optional activities, these will be clearly explained.

  • I will personally accompany you during your trip. The evenings will be free for you to decide where you wish to go. Of course I will be available for advice and recommendations, and make any arrangements as required. 

  • Professional tour guides will be on hand for specific trips and activities to further enhance your experience.

  • All internal transfers will be included in the price during your stay.

  • Visa on Arrival (VOA) is available for Thailand and Vietnam for UK passport holders. For other SE Asian countries like Laos and Cambodia VOA is also available for a fee.

  • For travel to India you will need to apply for a visa prior to your trip.

  • You will need 6 months validity on your passport.

  • Whilst good international hospitals and clinics are available, you will be responsible for arranging appropriate medical insurance cover for the duration of your stay.

  • Please see the T&Cs page for more details.

Please consider these questions when planning your trip

Is this your first time to SE Asia?

Which countries/places would you like to visit 

Approximately how long will your trip be

When do you wish to go

How many people will be travelling

Are there any specific requirements that I should be aware of for members in your group

Which of these activities would interest you?

  • Explore cities

  • Historic sites

  • Cultural attractions

  • Food and drink

  • Cycle tours

  • Leisure hikes

  • Shopping and local markets

  • Relaxation eg spa/massage

  • Beach break

  • Boat tours

  • Rock climbing

  • Scuba and diving activities 

Planning a trip/Contact Us

If you would like more information about our accompanied tours and how we can help plan your trip, please get in touch to arrange a discussion.

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